Windows and doors are central parts of any home. Highly functioning windows and doors are necessary for a range of reasons. Having your windows and doors replaced when necessary is something you should not ignore. Here is what happens when you don’t opt for window and door replacement.

1. You Are Paying More Than You Should for Energy

According to the Department of Energy, you can save 7% to 15% on energy costs when you upgrade your windows. When you don’t replace your windows or doors when needed, you could lose about 30% of your energy. Replacement improves your home’s energy efficiency, reduces costs, and helps keep your home more comfortable.

2. Risk of Unwanted Guests

Of course, taking the steps you need to improve energy efficiency is essential, but that is not the only thing your doors and windows improve. Damaged window frames can allow pests into your home. The same is true of damaged door frames. Cracks and gaps not only allow the elements in, but they also allow all types of insects to crawl in. If you don’t do something about faulty doors and windows, you’ll need to call the exterminator regularly.

3. Security Risks

Highly functional doors and windows help to keep unauthorized people out of your home. When these structures are compromised, your home’s security is at risk. Old doors and windows are weak and make it harder to keep your home safe. New windows and doors are highly functional and secure, giving you the assurance that your home and family are protected.

While the top three risks of not having a replacement when you need it should be enough, another thing you’re risking by not having a replacement is your peace. New doors and windows can keep outside noise outside where it belongs while you get to enjoy a quiet indoor space.

These are just a few things that could happen if you skip out on a replacement. A replacement can protect your home and save you money on energy costs. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of new windows and doors, contact us today at River Valley Window Company to learn about our window and door products!