When considering a replacement door for your patio, you want something classic that will stand the test of time. According to Angi, the average lifespan of a serviced patio door is about 30 years. Instead of going for flashy trends that will look dated in just a few years, focus on these three timeless looks that never fade.

1. Go for Natural Light and an Open Feel

One enduring patio door trend is having large glass panels that let in ample natural light and make spaces feel more open and airy. When you go for floor-to-ceiling panels of glass rather than small, compartmentalized panes, it creates a smooth, clean look and draws the eye outward to admire lovely outdoor views. This makes rooms feel larger and brighter. And don’t be afraid to add multiple patio doors if feasible. Having replacement doors installed on two adjoining walls, like opening onto a backyard and side garden, impresses with eye-catching views.

2. Choose Durable, Low-Maintenance Materials

While a replacement door with intricate wood detailing or metal embellishments might initially make an impact, it usually requires more upkeep to keep it looking pristine. Instead, focus on durable, low-maintenance materials like fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum for the door frame. Fiberglass has the look and feel of painted wood but resists swelling, cracking, and warping from weather damage far better. Meanwhile, vinyl and aluminum are affordable options that offer superior durability and require hardly any maintenance beyond an occasional wash. Going with timeless, fuss-free materials means your replacement door will keep looking great year after year without loads of effort.

3. Play With Shape and Size

Just because glass patio doors often come in standard rectangular sizes doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with the shape and configuration. Get creative by opting for rounded or arched panels across the top for visual interest. Or do a play on proportions with an especially narrow yet dramatically tall door to serve as the focal point. If your floor plan allows it, you can also consider pocket patio doors. These doors slide completely into the wall, opening your interior space to the outdoors for a truly seamless indoor-outdoor experience. The smooth gliding and unobstructed opening add a modern feel.

By focusing on timeless design elements for your replacement door rather than temporary trendy embellishments, you’ll have a patio door that retains its beauty and functionality for many years. A classic patio door complements your view rather than competes with it. If you’re in need of a replacement door, reach out to River Valley Window Company today.