Window replacement is a home improvement project that many homeowners choose to invest in. Windows are essential to keeping your home safe from the elements, controlling natural light, energy efficiency, and keeping your home peaceful. There are many signs you should look for that indicate that it is time to replace your windows. Here are three of the signs that indicate you need window replacement.

1. Energy Loss

If you notice that your energy bill is climbing and the weather has not changed much, it can be a problem with your windows. According to the Department of Energy, window replacement can save you between 7% to 15% on your energy bill. Additionally, there is evidence that about 30% of energy losses are due to old faulty windows. Window replacements are a great way to reduce your energy costs and upgrade your home. You will also get a return on your investment. Replacing your windows is a great way to save money in the long run.

2. Your Windows “Stick”

If you have a problem opening and closing your windows because they stick, it is a sign that you must replace them. It is essential that you have functioning windows that open and close easily. Windows that stick are faulty and can be dangerous. Shoving that window up too hard or close too hard could shatter the window. With new windows, the function is seamless. If you are having trouble opening and closing your windows, it is a sign that you must replace them. New windows will make your home a safer place to be.

3. Your Windows Have Perma Fog

Double-pane windows can form permanent fog because the seal goes bad. If your windows are constantly fogged up, maybe the seal has gone bad on the window, and you will need to replace it. Once the seal is ruined, there is no fixing it. Window replacement will solve the problem. Windows that have moisture trapped between the double panes can also allow in pests and are drafty. It is a clear sign that you must replace your windows if condensation is forming inside them.

There are many reasons people decide to replace their windows. They are a good investment instantly upgrade your home, and can result in cost savings. Learn more about window replacement today by calling River Valley Window Company.